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NOCTURNAL3D, A Full Service Digital production Agency.

My name is Samuel Wheeler. I started in the industry as an Animator working on contracts for Walt Disney Television. These days I work toward creating fun, original content for you to enjoy. Stories that have a unique perspective, both artistic and entertaining.

Reflective of my own oddball personality. Come on down the rabbit hole Alice! We have such sights to show you!

I understand the importance of editing. In the edit suite it is the final part of the process with creating a story. Films may change from mediocrity to masterpiece and it can all happen in a dark, quiet room, months after camera's have finished capturing the action.
Another essential part of the film making process, sound is incredibly important. If the picture is a bit rough but the sound is well designed and clear, then the audience will accept the scene, but if the picture is clear but you can't hear what anyone is saying, or it's too muffled, too flat, too loud, too distorted... it is unforgivable. Poor sound is the first sign of an amatuer production.
I have experience in both line animation and taught CGI animation. Working on Timon and Pumba, Tex Tinstar, Pith Possum, Redux Riding Hood, The Quack Pack, and Petals through the ninetees gave me an insight into traditional line animation. Developing my own skills in Maya and Max earned me a position teaching CGI animation and expanded my skillset into game development.
Case Study

Documentary Films.

Currently I am producing two documentary films. The New Zealand Burlesque Festival Documentary and The Living Canvas, which is about the New Zealand Body Art Showcase Legends both international superstars and local champions.

Game Developement.

Currently I am developing a game to go with the film release of Earth To Icarus. I develop my games using the unreal game engine, ZBrush and 3DS Max. The game uses designs and story arcs from the film.

Why Choose Us

High Turnover

I work fast, I work efficiently. The advantage to being a smaller company is that we find solutions quickly.

Love Our Clients

We want you to succeed and we want to bask in that glory with you! Lets get there together.

Professional Quality

I work to a very high standard. With years of experience and honing of my skills for the love of the craft.

Quick Problem Solving

When there is a problem I can always find a workaround. There are always alternatives.

Unique Skills

Animation, Special Effects Make up, Editing, Fine Art, Music, Physical Effects and Set Design.

Artistic Passion

Passion isn't something you can learn. It's something that burns inside of you, driving you to create.

Our Skills Are

  • Producing
  • Animation
  • Sound
  • Editing

Our Skills are excellent


All good stories start with a good conversation. A memory, a gag, an inspired thought. We are the muse to let the ideas flow forth.

Get Ideas

There is nothing like a great idea! you can't copyright an idea so we figure getting there first is the best option. Work fast to make your ideas real.


We work fast, it's an obsession. Let us channel that energy into your projects. You will see a quick turnaround and enjoy that excitement of seeing things evolve.

Our Awesome Team

Our team consists of myself, my long time assistant and friend Dee Salt, Bandit and Bella who are my most loyal companions and company mascots. We are a small family of positive, hard working and ambitious humans and a couple of super cute and friendly four legged furstars.

Jack Smith

Sam Wheeler

Writer, Producer, Director

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John Doe

Dee Salt

Producers Assistant

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Jack Sparrow


Actor and Mascot

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George Wyne


Recreational Manager

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Hire us! We make you smile :)

Our Productions

Check out some of our latest and greatest projects.

Currently in production is our Sociopolitical satire ZOMBd. It's currently in the last stages of secondary photography and post production.

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