Raising Arizona

Raising Arizona

Directed and Produced by Joel and Ethan Coen.

Starring Nicholas Cage and Holly Hunter.

Production Budget:


Total Lifetime Grosses

Domestic:  $22,847,564    78.3%

+ Foreign:  $6,332,716    21.7%

= Worldwide:  $29,180,280

Release Date:

March 13, 1987

Fantastic camera work. The whole movie hurtles forwards, always forwards. When there isn’t a slapstick chase scene or a fight, the audience sloths forward through the bleary eyes of the ex con gone domestic, played by Nicholas Cage.

He steals a baby in order to satisfy the maternal instincts of his ex-cop wife (played by Holly Hunter).

The jokes are not intrusive, yet extremely potent. Their subtlety emphasizing the joke. Like the ex-con returning to the scene of the crime, to retrieve a packet of ‘Huggies’ nappies and a baby book (constantly referred to in the film as the ‘instructions’).

All of the characters are overplayed to the limit and beyond, which creates a cartoon like feel to the whole production.

John Goodman features as one half of an Abbott and Costello style pair of convicts. They kidnap the baby from the couple, after the couple had stolen him from a famous wealthy couple.

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