Silence of the Lambs

Silence of the Lambs


Starring Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster

Production Budget:

19 million USD

Total Lifetime Grosses:

Worldwide: $272’742’922

Release Date:

February 14, 1991

A psychological thriller akin to ‘Pyscho’ by Alfred Hitchcock, ‘Silence of the Lambs’ suggests more than it actually delivers. The shots are expressed more by a line or gesture than by the actual amount of on screen ‘Gooshiness’, as Stephen king might say. It is a story about an investigation into the brutal killings of a ‘fledgling killer’, as described by Hannibal The Cannibal.

The FBI send a trainee (played by Jodie Foster) to a high security mental institute. For the purpose of employing the talents of the Hannibal Lecter. A cannibalistic mass murderer. He uses his exceptional perception to aid Jodie in her investigations, but Hannibal has his own reasons for assisting them.

Although he aids them in the search, Hannibal poses a second threat. By the powers of suggestion alone he can kill. Due to his extra perception he is extremely dangerous, like a predator.  In order for Hannibal to have achieved this kind of perception, he needed to reach a higher plane of thought. However he is too much in tune with his predatory nature.

The heightened instincts and reptilian like mind have driven him insane. The character of Hannibal the Cannibal also possesses an intensity that rivals the other characters. During the latter scenes when Hannibal is questioning Jodie Foster about her past, the camera zooms into a close up Anthony Hopkins face. His expression is intense, eyes wide, a slight smile and his monotone voice, hypnotic and possessive. He forces Jodie Foster’s childhood fears out. If Hannibal was personified as an animal it would be a snake. Beautiful yet dangerous, hypnotic and deadly.  Like a cobra. Always willing to strike, but only deadly because it is its nature to be so.

I felt this aspect of Anthony Hopkins character came across wonderfully to the viewer, and this interpretation of his character could not have been achieved without the presence and talent of Anthony Hopkins performance.

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