Directed by Richard Linklater

Production Budget:


Total Lifetime Grosses

Domestic:  $1,228,108

Release Date:

July 5, 1991

A mockumentary style film, in which the camera ambles through various gen-x citizens of Austen, Texas.

The camera floats with apparent ease from the life of one student to the next, not staying on any one student for more than ten minutes. The film is unresolved and leaves a lot of the answers up to the viewer’s interpretation, but it still manages to give us an intimate insight into the lives of off the wall gen-x students.

None are fully characterized, and we cannot develop an attachment to any. What we do learn about them leaves the viewer more perplexed than resolved. However the nature of certain people is familiar. We all know someone with a similarity to someone in the film.

I think human nature in the western world is constant. In all western countries similar mentalities become apparent. I feel that even a few hundred years ago, these reflections would be similar and this form of parallel world view only really becomes apparent now, due to the exposure to the media. This movie is a fly on the wall example of this. Because we can relate in some way to the characters, no matter where we come from, we can engage with them.

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