The Battleship Potemkin

The Battleship Potemkin


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Total Lifetime Grosses

Worldwide: $51’198

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Russian propaganda film leaning towards Lenin.  Potemkin Revolution, Russian Revolution.

In 1940 voted the fourth most significant film in the world.

“Ten days that shook the World” edited together and 12 days.

Part 1. The men and the maggots.  Imagery of maggots on the meat.  Drama in the harbor

Part 2. A dead man calls for Justice. “Killed for a plate of soup”. Narrowing the screen to a scene with the people moving down steps. Clenched fists, grasping hands. During the uprising scenes there is frenzied action and quicker editing pace. Images of the wealthy and rich grinning like demonic creatures.

Part 3. Odessa.

Long edits in the boating scenes. Rich women with parasols and a legless beggar creates a stark contrast. Suddenly there is a change in atmosphere and pace.

Farewell the massacre. The statue behind the soldiers of figure with arms outstretched, creates a wrath of God image. A child is shot in back. Another child is trampled in a human stampede. A mother with her dead child. Shadows of soldiers elongated, overwhelming. A mother is shot and her cradle rolls down the steps. Repetition of man hitting just below the camera with a truncheon or night stick cuts to a shot of a bloodied old lady’s face.

Part 4. Meeting with the squad.

Frenzy in the daytime on-board the battleship. Fades out on the deck.  There is a dark ominous feel.  A flurry of action and pace. The Bow cutting through the water, wake speeds, close-up of machinery, smoke billowing from smokestack and the camera seems to be crushed in the last shot by the battleship.

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