The Commitments

The Commitments

Production Budget:


Total Lifetime Grosses

Domestic: $14’919’570

Release Date:

August 16, 1991

This movie revolves around the brief musical career of an Irish band “The Commitments”. Beginning with the origins of the band through the efforts of the manager Jimmy.

Jimmy also narrates the story of the band through a series of imaginary interviews he conducts on himself. Talking about how the band was created. He believes the Irish are the blacks of Europe. “Say it once, say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud”. He gets together a variety of musicians, saxophonist, trumpet, drums, piano, bass guitar, three backup singers and an obnoxious, overweight singer. Who they discover singing into a PA in a drunken stupor, at someone’s wedding.

They lose their drummer because he couldn’t stand the singer so they replace him with their bouncer. The film combines comedy and drama, revolving around the situations the various members of the band get themselves into. The humor element doesn’t blatantly impose itself into the story, instead it is used to take the edge off the dramatic situations created in the picture.

For example the singer is beaten up by the drummer after signing autographs post gig. Later he turns over, blood caked all over his face. A sympathetic woman rushes to a side,

Woman “are you alright?”

Singer “yeah I’m ok”

Woman “can I have your autograph then?”.

The band dissipates due to a series of rifts, some created by the womanizing trumpeter, who sleeps with all three of the backup singers. The music element is an important part of the film, with song structured around the rich distinct tones of the main vocalist. Performed incredibly by sixteen year old Andrew Young. The music is a rich as the atmosphere and is as important as the story itself.

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