Vampires Kiss

Vampires Kiss

Starring Nicholas Cage

Production Budget:


Total Lifetime Grosses

Domestic:  $725,131

Release Date:

June 2, 1989

Nicholas Cage plays Peter Loew, a pretentious pill with a gratingly affected, mid-Atlantic accent. He sees a psychiatrist regularly to discuss his problem. An inability to establish a meaningful relationship with any of the one night stands he picks up at the night clubs.

The beautiful Rachel (played by Jessica Beals) is the cause of his downfall.

In the throes of passion, she bites him deeply on the neck, and “…yes, yes, yes”, he succumbs.

Suddenly his life has new meaning. He feels himself subject to strange urges, feels new power running through his veins. Now he is no longer Peter Loew, tiny fish in a big, polluted ocean. He is a vampire! Or is he just losing his marbles? This is one stylish movie. Stefan Czapsky’s camera coaxes one exquisite image after another out of the New York skylines and snazzy interiors, providing a superb counterpoint to Cage’s descent into ludicrous dementia.

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