Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight

Having the Batmobile doesn’t make up for the failing for the 3D graphics performance.

pc, action, adventure

Like most PC users I was worried when the reviews started to come in. Now having played the game from beginning to end I am partially satisfied. I didn’t have too many crashes or lags. But one part of me met with no satisfaction.

When I first got Arkham Origins I was drawn into the role of Batman by the incredible 3D Stereoscopic graphics. It was ground breaking and I was excited to see the future of these games if they at least matched Batman Origins.

So when along came Arkham Knight I was very excited to be able to test this out again. But Arkham Knight is no Origins and failed to perform at all, forcing me to resort to the standard 60fps HD version instead of my dual stereoscopic HD.

First world problems I know, but I think they really made an error releasing this game and not matching the same standards as it’s vastly superior predecessor.


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