Arkham Origins

Arkham Origins

Impressive use of suspense and excellent technical performance elevate this under-rated game.

pc, adventure

This game is what I had always been looking for with the 3d experience without realising it. The pace is so quick that it often feels like virtual reality. Particularly when you are soaring the streets of Gotham City. The fights are more third person which allows you to truly enjoy the choreography of the animated punches, flips, kicks and grappling. It reminded me of the scene where C3PO is playing with that holographic chest set with Chewbacca in Star Wars. It really feels like a little movie with real characters under your influence. It breaks that wall that we have been aching to be freed from. Additionally because you have depth perception in the stereoscopic space you get a better feel of where your target is during the fights.

It draws you in as the character so much that you start to mutter to yourself in a gravelly voice as you perch on the many gargoyles mounted throughout Gotham.

Particular creepy experiences like when you’re killed in a Joker hideout, and his face literally pops out at you from the screen leering and grinning while taunting your dead body. With Mark Hamill’s brilliant delivery of the clown psychopath’s voice.


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