The Evil Dead 2

The Evil Dead 2

Director Sam Raimi

Starring Bruce Campbell

co-starring Sarah Berry, Dan Hicks, Kassie Wesley

Production Budget: 3.5 million USD

Total Lifetime Grosses

Domestic: $5,923,044

Release Date: March 13, 1987

The Evil Dead 2 begins with a voice over and a super imposed animation and smoke effects.

The title graphics are superimposed into a tunnel from the point of view of something just above the road.

A car comes into the screen from the bottom of the frame. Then we have a shot from a camera mounted on the front of the car looking and at the driver and Passenger.

 Two shots close-up of the driver in the passenger, back to both of them.

The car crosses on a bridge in profile (see diagram)


Then begins the establishment of the scene used almost throughout out the movie. The abandoned cabin in the woods where the couple have gone for the weekend.

Ash is playing the piano and his girlfriend is dancing.

A little later while Ash (played by Bruce Campbell) is finding his bottle of champagne, he discovers a tape recorder.

 He plays it which begins a second voice over. The voice tells of the discovery of a parchment in a castle.

The location changes from Ash sitting down listening to the castle and discovery The Book of the Dead. The picture cuts back to the tape recorder (reel to reel) and the voice tells of how the book was bought back to the cabin.

The voice is that of Professor Raymond Noby, who is the owner of the cabin and an archaeologist for the Department of Ancient History.

The professor tells how he began to study the Book of the Dead. Ash picks up the book and reads it, as the voice continues to tell of a spell in which the dead may possess the living.

The professor then quotes the phonetic pronunciation of those passages. The camera zooms in on the tape machine.

 The scene changes to outside while a camera rushes through the woods. We can still hear the voice but it is distorted and another mechanical sound is added like a motorcycle with a shitload of Echo added.

 The camera is the point of view of an unknown force rushing towards the cabin through the woods.

The scene changes back to a close-up of the take up reel on the machine and then quickly changes back to the outside point of view shot, but the point of view is now just outside the window where Ash’s girlfriend Linda is combing her hair.

The camera rushes up towards the window smashing through and continuing towards the now screaming close-up of the girl.

The shots changes to an extreme close-up of Ash standing up and calling out Linda’s name.

This cuts to a medium long shot of the doorway as Ash comes into the room and he drops at the bottle of champagne.

 The next shot begins halfway through the fall of the bottle as the bottle drops to the floor and shatters.

The next shot is very strange. The exit from one shot of Ash dropping the bottle and then the next shot of the room with a broken bottle landing and smashing is smooth, but the scene we are left with is very surreal.


 The camera is mounted either on the ceiling or on a pedestal in one corner of the room and points down to the action. The camera has a wide fisheye lense on it.

 The lighting is also very effective. Ash is bathed by the misty light coming through the broken windows from the night outside. There is a flash of lightning flooding the room in blue light.

Ash goes outside to look for Linda. The outside scene is stretched to indulgent 25 seconds of suspense as Ash looks for her.

Then the screaming and cackling close-up of Linda’s face jumps out of the woods to the shock of Ash and hopefully the audience.

Linda is possessed she walks towards Ash in jerky mechanical or marionette like movements. She has no cornea’s or pupils in her eyes.

Ash falls backwards on to the ground. We are treated to a close-up of the possessed Linda and then an extreme close-up of Ash, followed by a close-up of his hand as he reaches for the spade.

Linda jumps in a long shot with her in the background slightly out of focus and the spade in the foreground in focus, and then a medium long shot of her disappearing up into the darkness which cuts just before her feet are out of shot.

It has either been done by lifting the actress with a crane, or a combination of Ped down and/or track down and a slight change of lighting with some wind machine or fan added for effect.

 Quick succession of shots.

Spade lifted off the ground.

Extreme close-up of ashes face.

Outstretched arm with spade traveling right to left.

Model of actresses head and shoulders being decapitated by the spade right to left.

 Shot of actor lying on the ground moving arm back towards right after completing the arc of movement and the camera rushing towards his head.

Shot of head falling from the sky towards the camera.

Head hitting the ground and rolling towards the camera until the screen blacks out.

Blackout screen is actually back of the spade as it draws away from the screen until we can see Ashes feet and arms as he thinks digs Linda’s grave.

Camera down hole facing up as Ash throws the body into hole.

Extreme close-up of hand holding the necklace Ash gave Linda in the cabin. Symbol of their love. This is used to remind Ash of Linda later on in the movie.

Ashes hand closes over it.

Cuts to black screen because cross is covering the camera lens.


Ash picks up the cross and stabs it into the ground and is bathed in melodramatic lighting.5308171424_4690e2ec12

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