Wild At Heart

Wild At Heart

Wild at heart

Directed by David Lynch

Starring Nicolas Cage

Production Budget: 9.5 million USD

Total Lifetime Grosses

Domestic: $14,560,247

Release Date: August 17, 1990

Images of flames. Introduction credit overlay establishment of location. Cape Fear, somewhere between North and South Carolina.

Establishing shot of ceiling and pan down to lead characters and third party introduced.

Close-up of female lead, emotive. Medium close-up of main lead and mid shot to medium close-up of third-party as he reaches the same level on the stairs as the main lead.

Shot of girls mother, close up. Character has yet not defined. Back to mid shot of both main lead and third party.

Extreme close-up of hand and Switchblade. Close-up of female leads reaction as third party pulls knife on Main lead.

Fast Cut of main lead blocking attack from third party with switchblade. Then characters move further back into the picture as main lead throws third party heavily and violently into the wall.

Close-up of Mother’s reaction disappointment of main leads escape from death. Medium close-up of main lead slamming fist repeatedly into third parties back and slamming third parties head into metal steel stair rail.

Quickly cuts to third parties head being belted against the handrail. Close-up of blood splattering steps. Continuous overdub of screaming.

Close-up of female lead screaming. Medium long shot of main lead finishing smashing third parties head against handrail, then throwing him down the steps (side on).

Cut of Front on third party going down the stairs tracking has 4 medium close up to close-up of third-party rolling toward the camera at the base of the stairs and main lead grabbing him again.

Main lead holding third parties head and smashing it against the floor. Close-up of bloodied head and bloody floor as main lead continue smashing it against the floor (a dull wet thudding overdubbed).

Close-up of female lead screaming. Medium close-up of main lead still smashing head against floor.

Medium long shot of main lead picking up third party and throwing him against the wall. Close-up of female lead again. Point of view of female lead of dead man skull, back of his head crushed.

Close-up of female lead. Close-up of main lead puffing and lighting a cigarette. Extreme close-up of Mother’s face.

Close-up of main lead pointing at female leads mother. Extreme close-up of mother again to report her response (she had paid the third party to kill the main lead so she could keep her daughter away from him).

Scene 2: Dee Dee Correctional Centre exterior. Following main lead into cell.

Inside a Looking Glass we see main lead character in the cell and hands pass over the Looking Glass like point of view of a gypsy or witch. The witch symbol is used throughout the movie and is associated with the mother there is a wicked witch aspect to her and a Wizard of Oz reference with a Blue Fairy.

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