The first film trailer I want to talk about is Max Steel. A new superhero movie based on a book I think? Not sure. I got excited when I first caught a glimpse because I thought it was going to be the Stainless steel rat from Harry Harrison book series but this is a different Steel altogether. Apparently Max Steel revolves around a teenager who is involved in a cover-up involving his dads experiment. With a sidekick robot called Steel and some form of energy suit and powers that his father has given him, Max must fight off the ultralings who are some form of biomechanical alien. The ultralings and Max’s suit both look strangely similar to each other. I’ll tell you why I’m not excited about this movie. Firstly the male lead who seems too old and to good looking to make empathetic lead character. It seems directed at teenagers but here again the lead actor seems more like a 20 something then an 18 year old. So immediately it seems miscast. Additionally the way they played the trailer it just looks like a visual effects driven movie without a really engaging story, with again a global Extinction threat that raises the emotional Stakes too high to be believable and therefore doesn’t satisfy the average viewer.

Coming from out of nowhere is the trailer for a film called Guardians. Which could be Russia’s first mega budget superhero film. This actually got me very excited even though they played it safe with the trailer, concentrating specifically on the special effects rather than the story. What makes this interesting is that we really don’t know these characters. Well, I don’t know these characters. So there’s a good chance that they will have a strong story arc rather than relying on a large fan base to drive ticket sales.

Amy Adam’s and Forest Whitaker star in Arrival, an alien first contact movie. The trailer looks great. Concentrating on the very human problem of communication. Amy Adam’s is a translation expert Brought in to decipher the language of the aliens. The consequences for misinterpretation could be Global war, but at it’s core this film seems driven on the theme of communication and that is very relatable. Amy Adam’s is no superhero either coming from a humble character background and position. Not a general or a politician. This makes her a very relateable and therefore the film is engaging on a personal level, even without the Spectacle.

Another film worth mentioning is A Monster Calls, starring Felicity Jones, Sigourny Weaver, Toby Kebbell and Liam Neeson. The film looks to be about the boy going through an emotional upheaval while his mother dies slowly from disease. Ever wonder why the first five minutes of guardians of the galaxy works so well? Yep, it plays with this premise too! This premise makes us connect with the main character straight away. The monster and the special effects sequences they show in the trailer seem to be all inside the troubled boys head, and again this makes for an interesting story that is emotionally engaging and connecting for us as an audience. I’m really excited about this movie!

I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan but I’m also looking forward to the film based on another of JK Rowling stories, Fantastic beasts and where to find them, starring Eddie Redmayne and Colin Farrell. I am interested in this film specifically because of the line “They’re currently an alien terrain surrounded by the most vicious creatures on the planet, humans.” I have always loved Monsters as obvious with my trailer selection and I love this line because it implies a sympathetic view of the creatures that I love. The trailer looks great the actors are high class Oscar winning champions. The environments and settings they have created gives us a wonderful world to play out this theme.

Eva Green stars in Miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children. Another look at the strange and peculiar with a sympathetic view. These films feel like they have been made for me. This is a Tim Burton film, so in a way they are. As he has often been influenced by the same cultural icons as myself. We have both worked as slaves, animating for the Disney monster. I am also bound to be biased towards this film because I love Eva Green. She made Penny Dreadful a fantastic series and me a lifetime fan.

Also coming soon from Marvel Studios is Doctor Strange starring Benedict Cumberbatch. I have been a fan of the Dr Strange comics as a child and Marvel generally does a great job with these films. I am concerned though, with the trailer looking very Inception like. The problem with non realities is threats seem intangible. Although I think they start strong here, focusing on Doctor Strange and the horrible accident that takes away his skillful surgeons hands and forces have to find a new direction in a world of Magic.

With all the comic adapted stuff that’s coming to the big screen I’m more interested in Luke Cage which premieres on Netflix this month. Like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, this promises to be another winner series from show runner’s that seem to have their finger on the pulse far better than their big screen, tent pole counterparts.