Starting with Marvel’s Iron Fist. It starts with flashes of a car accident with what seems to be a young Danny Rand, found in the snow by two Oriental men and then flashes forward to Danny tied up in some room. In a violent display we see the power of the Iron Fist for the first time. but still is this is just a teaser they tell us very little and the Bearded Danny Rand just looks like a crazy homeless person at the stage so who knows what they will explore with his story arc. I did read the Iron Fist comics as a child and even though Netflix has mastered these story lines the teaser as yet does nothing to inspire me about the series but then I didn’t have much of an interest in Daredevil before I’d watched it and now I’m hooked.

To figure out more of what Iron Fist has to offer you really have to look for clues such as those planted in the Defenders trailer.

The Defenders will unite Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist and is a Marvel’s Universe equivalent to team up like The Avengers. So let’s break it down. We know the Daredevil will be in it and we see a strip torn away to reveal his name as the camera pans down from the turnout collage making up the title sequence. We see a crucifix with a neon sign design saying “Sin will find you out” and the name Nelson and Murdock, which is the company that Matt Murdock AKA the Daredevil has started with his friend Nelson.

Tracking down to a title of a newspaper headline the devil of Hell’s Kitchen Which tears away to reveal partially the Daredevil title. Next a macro of another letter head saying Alias Investigations which is Jessica Jones’s, detective agency. We catch a glimpse of camera lens graphic and we can just make out something in the lenses reflection which may hint to the plot for the Defenders.


Then we see what looks like an illustration of a pipe or an exit Tunnel of some kind

defenders3and a torn stamp saying property of Seagate prison.

Defenders4So maybe this is where our villain or serious threat will come from? Then pans to what looks like a Google Maps image of an island.

defenders 5The next tearaway includes the number 121 and some letters ONZ. We pan past a logo and which can read partially as Rand Enterprises

defenders 6

defenders6which ends up to a torn notepad message with a handwritten note “who is Danny Rand” and the Iron Fist logo underneath. Then of course is the voice of stick as the Sayer of Doom, projecting what is to come next. This again doesn’t tell us a lot without going back to the comic series and I stopped reading them after I left high school, aside from a few cult comics. So these Marvel Netflix series are really encouraging me back into the fold to figure out what it all means! We will have to satisfy ourselves for now with Luke cage.

So lets breakdown the Luke Cage trailer to finish this investigation off for now. Straight away we are reintroduced to the night nurse holding up a wounded man while a pickup truck races fatally towards them, but Luke stops it with a display of both his power and indestructibility. We see a flashback of his creation with a homage to Power Man and his original costume as he stepped out of a tank with tubes connected. There is some graffiti reading the black panther party “all power to the people! Harlem unite!”.

I’m not sure if this is what specific or just setting the environment. Then we are introduced to the gangster Overlord. A black version of Kingpin and the crime wave he is behind that spins Luke into action. The violence of his murderous reflect the Kingpin from Daredevil so we know that this gangster will not be pulling any punches. This is going to be a graphic show. It also looks like Luke is looking for justice for the death of a young man possibly a friend or family member,

Luke Cage

As a possible clue in one of the fight sequences looks to be at a funeral service inside a Church and you can clearly see pictures of the young man in question.