Trailer Reviews ARQ and WESTWORLD

Trailer Reviews ARQ and WESTWORLD

A couple in a dystopian future are caught in a…

A sci-fi Groundhog Day has it’s hero’s repeating a…

Loopier than Looper the new Netflix series…

The Timey Wimey Netflix series set in a Spooky Wooky house…

…what I’m trying to talk about is ARQ.

In a dystopian future an engineer trapped inside a house and surrounded by a mysterious gang of masked intruders, he must protect the technology that could deliver unlimited energy and end the wars that consume the world.

At least that’s what the trailer says. This is set for release September 18th and looks to be an interesting Thriller with a dream like quality.

Playing with the idea of a looping time device where the couple apparently in proximity to the machine relive their deaths at the hands of the Mask intruders. It’s a pretty interesting premise.

We have seen it before but Netflix a masters of production and seeing as this is set to be released directly to the channel it’s likely to be a high quality show. A Netflix direct release is a bit like the old direct-to-dvd in that will never see the big screen, so the expectations will be different from a blockbuster film, But the trailer looks strong and the main actors look to be delivering good performances, So it will be interesting to see the bar that Netflix is setting for direct release online media movie making.

If it’s anything like the Netflix series being released that bar will be high.

Speaking of direct to small screen releases, Coming to HBO Sunday October 2nd is Westworld. I was a fan of the original Westworld movie starring Yul Brynner back in the seventies and I am and always will be a fan of Sir Anthony Hopkins, who stars in the new series.

It does look to be based in part on the original movie but taken from the point of view of one of the Artificial intelligent robots, set in a theme world, that begins to Rebel against it’s human Master.

With high profile executive producers J.J. Abraham, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy heading this project it looks to be a solid show.

The trailer has sparked my interest a lot and the actress playing the AI in question, Dolores, is convincingly innocent and yet threatening in her performance of a robot becoming self aware of its themepark prison.

The series looks to be a lot of fun and Sir Anthony Hopkins certainly looks to be delivering a high end performance.