Captain Marvel FILM-NEWS

Captain Marvel FILM-NEWS

Rumoured to be Directed by Niki Caro and female directing powerhouse Elizabeth Wood, and starring Oscar winner Brie Larson. Captian Marvel comes out in 2019 and little is known about the plot as yet.

While it’s likely that this will be Carol Danvers origin story as Captain Marvel, I think ideally they will aim to work this in to the existing Marvel Universe as they have with the current Marvel release feature films .

It’s all about the crossovers, so while we only have rumours to who may Direct, we know who the current writers are. Gene Colan known for Blade 2, Meg LeFuave, writer for the screenplay and hit movie animated “Inside Out”, which I saw at it’s Cannes film festival premiere last year, Nicole Perlman writer for the screenplay for Guardians of the Galaxy, and Roy Thomas, writer of the Conan the Destroyer.

The producer is Kevin Feige, known for the Avengers.

Let’s draw from what we know and make some possible connections. In the Captain Marvel latest series of comics is “Captain Marvel: volume 1: higher, further, faster, more.” What do we know about the COMIC is there is Guardians of the Galaxy crossover and one of our writers is the writer for “Guardians of the Galaxy”, so it makes sense to consider the possibility that in the Captain Marvel movie there may be a Guardians of the Galaxy crossover!

Also given the producer is the producer for “The Avengers” and that Captain Marvel has been in the comic series a member of the Avengers, we could also connect that maybe there will be a crossover of Captain Marvel and The Avengers team.

We have already seen this with Spider-Man and Ant Man, so it’s not only possible but it’s the current trend and almost surprising that they didn’t cameo Captain Marvel in the latest Captain America Civil War movie. Now this could all be wishful thinking and you know it definitely is, but all the ingredients are there. They’re both in the writer’s and producer and the existing comic.

Let’s look at the confirmed actress in the role of Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel. This is Oscar winning Brie Larson, who certainly has the looks, talent and the stature, to pull off the superheroine. She is also, as proven by her recent win at the Academy Awards for “Room”, a very talented actress and welcome royalty into the Marvel Universe. She seems like she would be right there with Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr making guest appearances Children’s Hospitals.

The first comic starts with a daring robbery. Captain Marvel heading a small team and on the run from Galactic Alliance enforcers. Which is off world. It is doubtful that they will jump straight into this off world story line. At least not at the beginning of our Captain Marvel movie, but there is no reason why they wouldn’t get to the stage if it was them the opportunity to cross over with the Guardians of the Galaxy. It just makes good marketing sense. ..but we’re not over with making the connections. …because we immediately begin with a flashback after the first scene, to Carol working with Iron Patriot from The Avengers.

They establish Carol Danvers is living in New York, inside the crown of the Statue of Liberty. Captain Marvel is also teaming up with Iron Man, so right here and the first of the latest of the Captain Marvel comic series we already have references to both the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and an intergalactic story. It may also be no coincidence that the series “Captain Marvel volume 1: higher, further, faster, more.” was also released in late 2014 when this feature film also began production.

Then getting the massive response the Guardians of the Galaxy has had, they have an opportunity to launch this new brand character using the momentum of already established and loved characters in Marvel cinematic universe.

Importance of Captain Marvel, especially in the female characterization is also significant. While Dc is set to release its first solo DC female Superhero movie with Wonder Woman, Marvel must meet their gender progression and at least match it. Captain Marvel meets that need and is easily comparable to Wonder Woman in power, but less well known in popularity. In giving her backing by the Avengers and Guardian’s the release has that extra push, she needs to build momentum over her DC counterpart.