Gotham Season 3 Ep:01 Review!

Gotham Season 3 Ep:01 Review!

Reintroduces Gordon working as a bounty hunter bringing in the mutants that escaped from Arkham Asylum’s Indian Hill program at the end of season 2.

Fish Moonee has gathered the mutated inmates and formed her own private Army.

Selina Kyle has joined Fish Mooney. Bruce Wayne has targeted the secret organization working through Wayne Enterprises that tried to get him killed.

They send an assassin after him. We are introduced Valerie Vale no doubt a relation to Vicky. She would be as yet too young to be involved in the story arc of Bruce Wayne.

Gordon’s psychotic ex-girlfriend Barbara is running Fish Moonies old Bar.

The penguin has put out a million dollar contract on Fish Mooney.

One of the escaped Indian Hill inmates is a Bruce Wayne, long haired, doppelganger. His homeless twin who has developed an affection for Selina Kyle.