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Arkham Knight

August 19th, 2015 Having the Batmobile doesn’t make up for the failing for the 3D graphics performance. pc, action, adventure Like most PC users I was worried when the reviews started to come in. Now having played the game from beginning to end I am partially satisfied. I didn’t have too many crashes or lags.

Tomb Raider

3 stars // October 15th, 2012 TOMB RAIDER reboots the entire franchise with this excellent origins story. pc, adventure A clever origins story of Lara Croft given a new depth for the new technology. The menu certainly looks great in stereoscopic but the first cut scenes are not good on my equipment. Doubling and fluttering

Arkham Origins

  Impressive use of suspense and excellent technical performance elevate this under-rated game. pc, adventure This game is what I had always been looking for with the 3d experience without realising it. The pace is so quick that it often feels like virtual reality. Particularly when you are soaring the streets of Gotham City. The