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Captain Marvel FILM-NEWS

Rumoured to be Directed by Niki Caro and female directing powerhouse Elizabeth Wood, and starring Oscar winner Brie Larson. Captian Marvel comes out in 2019 and little is known about the plot as yet. While it’s likely that this will be Carol Danvers origin story as Captain Marvel, I think ideally they will aim to

Trailer Reviews ARQ and WESTWORLD

A couple in a dystopian future are caught in a… A sci-fi Groundhog Day has it’s hero’s repeating a… Loopier than Looper the new Netflix series… The Timey Wimey Netflix series set in a Spooky Wooky house… …what I’m trying to talk about is ARQ. In a dystopian future an engineer trapped inside a house and


Starting with Marvel’s Iron Fist. It starts with flashes of a car accident with what seems to be a young Danny Rand, found in the snow by two Oriental men and then flashes forward to Danny tied up in some room. In a violent display we see the power of the Iron Fist for the


The first film trailer I want to talk about is Max Steel. A new superhero movie based on a book I think? Not sure. I got excited when I first caught a glimpse because I thought it was going to be the Stainless steel rat from Harry Harrison book series but this is a different