Valley of the Succubus Episode One:

Valley of the Succubus Episode One: In a small country theatre in the early 70’s a troupe of bizarre actors pick off unsuspecting virgin female members of the cast of a ‘Jack The Ripper’ themed musical. Who will save them? Will it be amateur sleuth Anna or the clumsy stage hand Jim?

Valley of the Succubus Episode Two:

The murders continue. Who will survive this week as the Actors of Evil cover their murderous tracks and find new blood for their unholy sacrifice? Who will fall to the dancing blades? Will it be Bernice? Nancy? or could it be Star Postleweight the theater owners daughter?

Valley of the Succubus Episode Three:

The story continues.

Valley of the Succubus Episode Four:

The play premieres and Jack searches for Ana, but she is no where to be seen. Still… the show must go on.

Valley of the Succubus Episode Five:

Ana is captured by the evil troupe. Will Jack save her from being their next human sacrifice?


The Cast
Valley of the Succubus: Anastasia Koltsova
Anastasia Koltsova as Anna

Anastasia Koltsova plays Anna, A snoop with a nose for trouble.

Valley of the Succubus: James Fletcher
James Fletcher as Jim

James Fletcher plays Jim, A humble stagehand.



Valley of the Succubus: Dee Salt
Dee Salt as Hermaphroditos

Dee Salt plays The Monster

Valley of the Succubus: David Bailey
David Bailey on Bass

David Bailey plays The Bassist

Valley of the Succubus: Phil Greeves
Phil Greeves as Mr Postleweight

Phile Greeves plays Mr Postleweight A fussy theatre owner. Good friends with Anna who he shares a love of detective stories with.

Valley of the Succubus: Kate Diamond
Kate Diamond as Kitty Hawke

Kate Diamond plays Kitty Hawke, Dr Karma’s right hand woman.

Valley of the Succubus: Alex Masame
Alex Masame as Tumulus

Alex Masame plays Tumulus, whose cannibalistic tendencies will be the death of you.

Valley of the Succubus: Sarah Milner
Sarah Milner as Madame Cadaver

Sarah Milner plays Madam Cadaver, who is always looking for new materials for her private collection.

Valley of the Succubus: David Harris
David Harris as Dr Karma

David Harris plays Dr Karma,  the shows demon worshiping musical director.

Valley of the Succubus: Hanna Kee
Hanna Kee as Millie de Camp

Hannah Kee plays Millie De Camp Local Actress, and Songstress.

Valley of the Succubus: Jessie Elsby
Jessie Elsby as Star Postleweight

Jessie Elsby plays Star Postleweight Mr Postleweight’s  daughter.

Valley of the Succubus: Whitney Channings
Whitney Channings as Bernice

Whitney Channing plays Bernice Monteux a Local Actress and Anna’s best friend.

Valley of the Succubus: Desiree Cheer
Desiree Cheer as Mrs de Camp

Desire Cheer plays Mrs De camp Millie’s Mother.

Valley of the Succubus: Omer Gilroy
Omer Gilroy as Isabella

Omer Gilroy plays Isabella the supersitious dance who believes the production and theater are cursed.

Valley of the Succubus: Michaela Anne Greeves
Michaela Anne Greeves as Nancy Weatherborn

Michaela Ann Greeves plays Nancy Wetherborn. The punk girl.

Valley of the Succubus: Bandit Wheeler
Bandit Wheeler as the Little Dog

Bandit Wheeler plays A cute and fluffy dog.